EcoPools works as a healthy biological network. We cooperate with EcoPool builders all over the world with whom we share cutting edge design trends and the latest bio-technology and construction methods.

EcoPools has always had an international DNA with Dr Davis having graduated from the Institute of BioEngineering in Belgium and having worked with water all over the world since 1983.

But the idea to create a focused EcoPools Network took root in Budweiss in the Czech Republic in 2011 after Dr Davis delivered a talk on the Ubuntu of water at the IOB international conference of Natural Swimming Pool Builders.

We were approached by a number of professionals who were attracted to our way of thinking and working and our heartfelt, yet scientifically sound approach to building EcoPools.


After signing on partners in the UK and Brazil that year, we now have EcoPools offices in Johannesburg, Durban, Mauritius, Brazil, the UK and Czech Republic.

We also have EcoPools friends in Australia, Israel, Italy, France, Mozambique, Nigeria and the USA. Like minded people who we resonate with, exchange regular information with, and collaborate with on international projects. As we work with them, and they gain knowledge, they have the opportunity to become fully branded EcoPools partners.

Through our network we have brought conscious, natural water to many countries, including Angola, Australia, Brazil, Botswana, Bolivia, Croatia, Czechia, England, France, Lesotho, Mauritius, Peru, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Zambia and Zimbabwe thus far.

The idea behind the Eco Pools Network is a group of individuals and/or companies that work together; sharing information and resources, and creating an international ecosystem of connectivity. The strength of a healthy ecosystem is one that is diverse and interconnected. As we work, we feed feed back vital experience and knowledge back into the melting pot that is the EcoPools Network, and all dip out of the pot when we need it to improve our technology and broaden our offerings. In this scenario, many heads are fundamentally better than one.

The growth of the network always starts with the individual. Like minded people – people with heart – who care deeply, are passionate about nature and are consummate professionals. We go through a BioEngineering exercise to help them to develop their own specific technology, appropriate to their geographical location. This means identifying the best local materials and plant species, helping with laboratory analysis of local water, minerals and biological matter. It is sometimes necessary to undertake some preliminary trials with the available materials before a main installation is done. Our final aim is always to keep costs and carbon footprints as low as possible, without compromising quality. We help our partners to set up their business systems and their marketing strategy.

If the idea of being part of something bigger appeals to you, please contact us at our Cape Town Head office: