EcoPools cc is a specialist BioEngineering company established in 2007. Our founder, Dr. Jerome Davis (PhD, BioEngineering, Gent University, Belgium), has over 30 years of commercial experience in biological water engineering; including aquaculture, water features, marine systems, waste water treatment and EcoPools. This experience and the BioEngineering approach has allowed us to produce innovative technology with a focus on warm climates.


We specialise in the design and installation of chemical free pools, and have developed a range of filtration and construction systems to ensure that our pools are crystal clear, low maintenance and energy efficient. EcoPools are accredited installers and local importers of Firestone™ EPDM synthetic rubber lining systems, which is the preferred waterproofing for natural water bodies internationally.

Learn more about Firestone pond liners here.


Our purpose is to create a sustainable and green-conscious future through innovative biotechnology.

We ignite change by greening the planet one swimming pool at a time. As the pioneers of natural swimming pools in Africa, we have established ourselves as the market leader in alternative swimming pool and water technology. Our innovation and expertise has spawned an international EcoPools network with our eco-conscious partners.


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